Q:   Are there certain medical conditions that may prohibit me from receiving a microblading treatment?

A: Yes, unfortunately microblading cannot be performed on individuals who are pregnant, diabetic (unless you have a doctor's note) or if you have cardiac valve disease. People with certain allergies ( especially if you are allergic to alcohol or heavy metals) should be very apprehensive about having this procedure preformed. If you have a question regarding your eligibility, please email Melissa

Q:    How long will my brows last?

A: Not all skin is created equally. While some brows can last up to 2 years, the average microblading lifespan is 12-18 months. After which, touchups are needed to maintain the brow style and shape. Fading is common and is `exacerbated by the sun and exfoliation. Lighter brow colors usually fade significantly in 8-12 months.

Q:   Can I receive microblading if I received Botox?

A: Yes, but it is recommend that you get microbladed before you have your botox treatment. If you have already had Botox, please wait 2-3 weeks after to get your brows microbladed.

Q:    I’m pregnant or nursing; can I get my brows microbladed?

A: No, unfortunately you cannot receive microblading as there is a risk for infection to be transmitted to your baby.

Q:    How long before I can go out in public with my brows?

A: Immediately. It is normal to experience a mild amount of redness or swelling. It is usually gone within a few hours after the appointment. Typically clients experience a "sunburn" feeling after they have been microbladed. The skin may feel tight and tender after the procedure. 

Q:   What can I expect after receiving a treatment?

A: In the few days following your treatment, you may experience tightness and itching, which is normal. DO NOT SCRATCH. The hair strokes are very fine and can rub off easily. When you scratch or rub, you risk the chance of rubbing off the pigment.

Q:  Why do I need a second appointment?

A: follow-up appointment is required for the finishing touches and color adjustment. It finalizes the shape of your brow and fixes any strokes that didn’t heal well. Pigment heals differently for everyone, and this second appointment allows for color and shape correction. Your treatment has not been completed until you have had your second brow appointment.

Q: What will my brows look like after?

 A: Immediately following your appointment, your eyebrows will appear to have crisp new hairs. Redness is normal immediately after the appointment and will fade within a few hours. As you heal, the crisp lines lightly blur into a slightly thicker lines. They also appear darker in the beginning and gradually fade in the first few weeks after healing. Hair strokes fade approximately 10-30% after they heal.