Microblading is the application of semi-permanent color into the skin. Using a tool consisting of tiny special needles, pigment is applied to a superficial layer of the skin. This procedure results in the appearance of individual eyebrow hair that lasts for approximately 12-18 months before it completely fades away.  Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure, it does NOT last forever. True tattoos are applied to a deeper layer of skin using a machine, which is why they are permanent. Unlike a machine tattoo, microbladed brows fade completely from the skin after a period of time.

The complete microblading process requires two sessions; the first session is two hours long and the second session happens 6-8 weeks later and typically lasts one hour.  Microblading is the ideal beauty treatment for anyone looking to save time in their daily routine with natural and more even-looking eyebrows. It is perfect for people with active lifestyles because of its semi-permanence. Unlike traditional makeup, a microbladed eyebrow does not wipe off after exercise and is waterproof.  

First Session

During your first session (approximately 2 hours), your desired brow shape will be designed and mapped out, based on your bone structure, face shape and style preference. Once shape and pigment are determined, a numbing cream is applied to the area. Using a handheld microblading pen, small "hair" strokes will be drawn on the skin, depositing pigment and creating the appearance of real, natural hair. The color of your new brows will soften in 2-3 weeks.

Second Session

The second session is required to finalize the microblading treatment. It is typical for some "hairs" to shed during the healing process, the second session replaces any hairs that have not healed into the skin. During the second session, color, thickness and strokes may also be adjusted. Pigment heals differently for everyone, and this second appointment allows for final touches to your brow color and shape. Your treatment is not complete until you have your second appointment. Following your second session you should not need a touch-up for a year. 

Download the What to Expect document.



Download the full Aftercare Document


  • Do not wax or pluck your brows before your microblading appointment

  • Do not consume alcohol/coffee or aspirin 24 hours before your appointment.

  • Do not wax your brows until after the hairstrokes have healed

  • Do not apply makeup to your brow area until the hairstrokes have healed

  • Do not rub or pick after treatment. Light scabbing is normal.

  • Do not exercise after your treatment. Please wait at least one full week to work out.

  • Do not tan for at least 10 days after your microblading treatment

  • Do not use harsh cleansers or exfoliators on the area.

  • Do not receive a glycolic peel or laser treatment immediately after your microblading treatment.

  • Do not use any kind of chemical or ointment on your brows until they have healed.


  • Do wash your hands before you touch your face to reduce chances of infection

  • Do pull your hair back if you have bangs

  • Do use sunblock on your brows AFTER they have healed to prolong their life


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